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Instructor of the Year

Since 2001, the Kansas Hunter Education program has recognized an Instructor who has gone above and beyond the role of Kansas Hunter Education Instructor. Whether developing a computer program that would eventually be used throughout the World, creating a user friendly registration website or even developing a new method of teaching firearm safety, Kansas Instructors are second to none.

The Instructor of the Year award is not just any award. Recipients are nominated by their peers and awarded by their peers.

In addition, the Instructor of the Year award includes Regional Instructors of the Year for a total of six possible awards given to outstanding Instructors each year.  

The KHEIA is proud to sponsor the Instructor of the Year awards and assists KDWP&T with the purchase of the firearms to be awarded. We encourage all instructors to consider nominating an Instructor they feel is deserving of this award.

If you would like to nominate an instructor for the Instructor of the Year award please submit your nomination.

2001 – 2009


      Rose Corby, State


      Shannon Clarkson, State


      Jim Bussone, State


      Tim Boxberger, State

            Paul Babcock, Region 1

            Dennis Smith, Region 2

            Tracy Gutierrez, Region 3

            Dave Perkins, Region 4

            Don Lile, Region 5


      Dennis Vincent, State

            Marshall Rhea, Region 1

            Larry Noell, Region 2

            William Kreie, Region 3

            Dennis DeLay, Region 4

            Ben Rockers, Region 5


      Jim Scott, State


      Larry Randall, State

            Sheila Alstatt, Region 1

            Kim Bergsten, Region 2

            Terrell Giddens, Region 3

            Evan Yoder, Region 4

            Keith Rather, Region 5


      Rob Friggeri, State

            Todd Robinson, Region 1

            Kent Ervin, Region 2

            Danial Haneke, Region 3

            Michael Corby, Region 4

            Katie Rockers, Region 5


      Dana Bergsten, State

            Randy Kempke, Region 1

            Richard Fultz, Region 2

            Dave Foster, Region 3

            Larry Lampe, Region 4

            Howard Williams, Region 5